April Field Trips

The annual Sage-Grouse strutting field trip is Saturday, April 9.  We will meet at 5:30 AM at the Eastside Ridley’s in Casper, Wyoming (used to be Safeway) parking lot.  We will visit the Hat 6 Lek.  Hopefully there are still birds on this lek.  The houses are closing in, and the birds are being pushed off.  I am, also, counting birds on some of the Two-Bar leks, and if anyone would like to come along or want more details on the field trip, call me at 262-0055.  These counts are good weather only, so I do most of them during the week.  If I don’t return your call, try again.  My ears are no longer good enough to hear the cell phone over the tractor.  Contact – Stacey Scott


There will be a field trip on April 16th to visit a private Greater Sage-Grouse lek. This field trip has not been set as of this newsletter.

Finally, there will be a field trip to Rawhide WHMA and Table Mountain WHMA on May 21st. If you have interest in these two field trips, contact Zach Hutchinson at zhutchinson@audubon.org.