Bates Hole Christmas Bird Count

The weather report for January 1, 2023 is not good.  There is a chance we might have to postpone the count or change how we do it.  We will make the decision in the morning based on what the weather actually is.  If you want to join us, it would be best to talk to us, or be willing to drive to the Two-Bar Ranch and then drive back.  Stacey Scott (307-262-0055) will be owling in the morning so you can call anytime.  Some of the areas don’t have cell service, so I might have to call you back.

The Bates Hole Christmas Bird Count is January 1, 2023.  Meet at Charlie Scott’s house at 7:30 AM and be prepared for walking in the cold.  We will split up into various groups for the morning, meet back at Charlie’s about noon, then go different places in the afternoon.  Because of the way we split up the groups, you can easily go for either half day.  This is one of few actually rural counts in the country, so is different than most counts.  We will have a supper after the count when we compile the results.  Casper is normally windy, cold and generally not very pleasant on January 1.  Bates Hole is usually calm, sunny and very nice.  If there has been a recent snow, the snow will be sitting on top of the grass and sagebrushes and very pretty.  It can be colder than Casper, but the sun and no wind make it much nicer to be outside.  If you want to go owling, or have any questions, please Call Stacey Scott at 307-262-0055 or Charlie Scott at 307-473-2512.  Also, for planning purposes it is nice to know who will show up, but if you wake up and want to get out of the wind just come on out.

Murie Audubon General Meeting & Program, October 13

This is the 2022 Wyoming Naturalist class, organizers, and trainers. The mission of the Wyoming Naturalist Program is to cultivate a community of volunteers to steward the state’s natural resources through conservation, education, and service. The program provides
education and training to participants in biodiversity, ecology, conservation, management, and interpretation so that they can become leaders in the effort to protect our natural resources and the special places where we live. Zach Hutchinson, community science coordinator from Audubon Rockies, will share stories from the first two years of the program. If you wish to learn more about Wyoming Naturalists, or how to become one, come to the Murie Audubon free talk on October 13, 2022, at 7 p.m., at the Izaak Walton Clubhouse, at 4205 Fort Caspar Road.

Zach Hutchinson
Community Science Coordinator

Casper Christmas Bird Count

This year is our 75th Casper Christmas Bird Count.  The first one was on the second day of the Blizzard of 49.  I think this is quite an accomplishment to continue this effort for 3/4 of a Century.  Our goal for this year is to have the best count ever.  To get our best coverage ever, we will need lots of people.  You don’t need to be a good birder, or even know any birds.  We have lots of good birders, and team up those less experienced birders with more experienced ones.  We try to count all the birds in our 15 mile diameter circle, but only count them once.  That means that for this count we have to know who is going to cover what area.  We have some who will count their own feeders, some who will mostly be in cars and some who will cover a lot of ground on foot.  For more information or to sign up for an area call Stacey Scott at 262-0055 or Bruce Walgren at 234-7455.

Casper Mountain

We will meet at 8:00 AM at the Game and Fish Parking Lot for a trip to Casper Mountain.  If the weather is conducive to hiking to Bart Rea’s cabin we will go that far.  If it is storming, we will have a walk in the woods.  Bring layers, snacks and water.  We have done this hike the last 2 years, and it was very pleasant.  Call Stacey Scott at 262-0055 with any questions or more details.

Bird Trip

Our main field trip is the Buffalo Area field trip Saturday, Oct. 22.   On Saturday, Oct. 15 we will meet at the west end of Reshaw Park in Evansville at 9:00 AM.  We will look for migrating sparrows, then go to EKW to see what is there.  We should quit before noon.  Call me with questions at 262-0055.

Buffalo Area Field Trip

Jim and Gloria Lawrence will lead a field trip around the Buffalo area.  For those wishing to car pool from Casper, we will meet at 7:00 AM at the Game and Fish Parking Lot on Saturday, Oct. 22.  We will meet Jim and Gloria a little before 9:00 at the Heritage Park in Buffalo.  Bring lunch and appropriate coats.  Call Stacey Scott at 262-0055 for more details.

EKW Field Trip

We will meet at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, Sept 7 to see what migrants we can find.  We will meet where the road meets the river, near the Platte River Shelter.  I had told people we would meet on Thursday, but the newsletter says we will meet on Wednesday.  If you have any questions call Stacey Scott at 262-0055.