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Why so many Audubons, which do I join?

Answers Extracted from Plains & Peaks, Presidential Ponderings, Dec. 2009 – Jan. 2010

By Jim Brown and edited by Harry Martin

If you attend our second-Friday-of-the-month general meetings, our February Annual Banquet, Thursday brown bag lunch gatherings, and/or read the Plains and Peaks Newsletter, you’ve no doubt at one time or another heard people mention the National Audubon Society, Audubon Rockies, Murie Audubon Society, and Friend of Murie Audubon. Maybe you’ve wondered whether you’re a member of one or more, speculated about how to join, thought about how you might support it/them, or none of the above. Herein is my attempt to “set the record straight,” in the words of another president whose name I can’t recall. I’ll frame my explanation in a question/answer format.

Q. How do I join National Audubon and what happens when I do?

A. Application forms are available on those pesky cards that fall out when you open the monthly Audubon Magazine. After you’ve joined, and through the magic of zip codes, National Audubon will enroll you as a member in your local chapter, of which the Murie Audubon Society is one of about 500 (there are six other chapters in Wyoming). Thus, with one application you’ve joined two entities and automatically receive both Audubon Magazine and Plains and Peaks.

Q. How do I join Audubon Rockies?

A. You don’t. Audubon Wyoming is a state office of the National Audubon Society.

Q. How do I join the Murie Audubon Society?

A1. Join National Audubon or,

A2. Join “A Friend of Murie Audubon” by means of donating $10 or more, which covers the cost of printing and mailing the Plains and Peaks Newsletter, any surplus going to support the Society’s programs. When you join Murie Audubon Society (MAS) through the “Friend” gateway, it is important to know that your name is not shared with other organizations, including Audubon Wyoming (National Audubon). Currently our newsletter goes out to 538 members of Murie Audubon Society, 462 of whom are members of National and 76 of whom are Murie-only members.

Q. How can I contribute money to the Murie Audubon Society?

A. Write a check in favor of MAS. Unless designated for a specific purpose, funds will be used where most needed. Memorials go to Murie’s Endowment Fund, administered by the Wyoming Community Foundation.

Q. When will these Ponderings ever end?

A. Now!

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