April Field Trips

The annual Sage-Grouse strutting field trip is Saturday, April 9.  We will meet at 5:30 AM at the Eastside Ridley’s in Casper, Wyoming (used to be Safeway) parking lot.  We will visit the Hat 6 Lek.  Hopefully there are still birds on this lek.  The houses are closing in, and the birds are being pushed off.  I am, also, counting birds on some of the Two-Bar leks, and if anyone would like to come along or want more details on the field trip, call me at 262-0055.  These counts are good weather only, so I do most of them during the week.  If I don’t return your call, try again.  My ears are no longer good enough to hear the cell phone over the tractor.  Contact – Stacey Scott


There will be a field trip on April 16th to visit a private Greater Sage-Grouse lek. This field trip has not been set as of this newsletter.

Finally, there will be a field trip to Rawhide WHMA and Table Mountain WHMA on May 21st. If you have interest in these two field trips, contact Zach Hutchinson at zhutchinson@audubon.org.


There will be a field trip to Bighorn, Wyoming on February 13th. There will be a van available (thanks to Audubon Rockies) to transport any interested in going. We are doing a field trip swap with the Bighorn Audubon Society. We will be looking for American Dipper, Common Redpoll, Hoary Redpoll, Northern Goshawk, & Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch. It should be an exciting day! We will leave the Wyoming Game & Fish Office, 3030 Energy Ln, Casper, WY at 7:00 AM. Bring a lunch, although dining at a local eatery is a great possibility as well. Email Zach Hutchinson at zhutchinson@audubon.org.

The Murie Board would also like to plan an overnight field trip to see the Sandhill Crane migration in/or near Kearney, NE on April 1st and 2nd. Transportation would be provided (thank you to Audubon Rockies), but lodging for the evening would need to be provided by participants. We will need a minimum of 8 registrants to make the trip a go. If you have interest in going, email Zach Hutchinson at zhutchinson@audubon.org.

January 9, 2016 Field Trip

MAS January Field Trip

There will be a field trip to Gray Reef & Alcova on January 9th. We will meet at Morad Park at 9:00 AM. We will be looking in the warmed water coming out of Alcova for unusual birds wintering over. If there have been any unusual sightings in other locations, we may travel to those as well. If the road conditions are bad, we will cancel the trip.  We should be back by noon.  Call Stacey Scott at 262-0055 for details.

Zach Hutchinson (267-7560) & Stacey Scott

November 14, 2015 Field Trip

There will be a field trip to Gray Reef on November 14th. We will meet at Game & Fish at 8 AM and continue out to look for unusual ducks. This is also a great month to spend some time at Goldeneye Reservoir. Scope the large rafts of birds for scoters, unusual dabbling ducks, or a late loon!


October Field Trips

There will be two field trips in October for any interested parties. The first will occur on October 10th. We will meet at the Tate Pumphouse at 8AM and continue on to Goldeneye Reservoir. We will be looking for migrating waterfowl, unusual gulls, and anything else we can get our eyes on. The second field trip will be on October 31st to Lake DeSmet. Look for a note from Chris Michelson on more information regarding the Lake DeSmet field trip.

Zach Hutchinson – (307-267-7560) zhutch47@gmail.com

Assuming that the weather is OK, there will be a field trip Oct. 31, 2015 going to the Buffalo, Healy Reservoir, Lake DeSmet and Storey area.  We will meet at the east side Ridley’s parking lot (300 SE Wyoming Blvd, Casper, WY 82609) planning to leave at 7:00AM sharp.  We should arrive in Buffalo about 9:00AM.  Dress for the weather and bring what ever food and drink you need.

Chris Michelson – (307-234-8726), michelsonce@aol.com