Bart’s Bear

Bear action photo by Bart Rea

Bart Rea forwards this image he captured with his wildlife camera. This enterprising bear is about to raid his cabin bird feeder up on Casper Mountain. The feeder is up on the right.

See, you don’t need fancy expensive bear food to attract bears. Just make sure you are miles away while your trusty wildlife camera patiently waits for all the action. Thanks Bart for the image.

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Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Had two Rose-breasted Grosbeaks take a pit-stop to our feeders for some bird chow. Got close enough to watch the beaks work over some sunflower seeds. Amazing to see the beaks and tongue in action. A first of year for our feeders. -Harry

Clark’s Corner/Bates Creek.  Casper, WY


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Photos by Peter Arnold

Peter Arnold writes:

Alas, most of migration is only a fond memory, but there are still things to be seen.  Cliff Swallows are checking out their newly constructed homes.

Cliff Swallows by Peter Arnold
Cliff Swallows by Peter Arnold







The Great Horned Owlets are still around, but probably not for long. Pete.

Great Horned Owlet by Peter Arnold
Great Horned Owlet by Peter Arnold