May, June and August Calendar

May 3—Piggery cleanup—9AM—contact Bruce Walgren – (234-7455,

May 8—Bird ID Class—pg. 2 – May’s Newsletter

May 9—eBird Workshop—pg. 2 – May’s Newsletter

May 9—General Mtg. & Election of Officers – May’s Newsletter

May 10—Field Trip—May’s Newsletter

May 14-18—Birding Festival—May’s Newsletter

May 18—MAS Big Day—5:00AM—meet at  Dori Lou’s Place Restaurant—contact Bart Rea or Andrea Trembath—May’s Newsletter

May 26—Field Trip—May’s Newsletter

May 29—Bird ID Class—May’s Newsletter

May 31—Field trip—TBA at 5-29 class

June 5—Field trip—May’s Newsletter

June 5—Bird ID class—May’s Newsletter

June 7—Field Trip—TBA at 6-5 class

June 7-8—Bird Festival—May’s Newsletter

Aug. 12—Annual Summer Picnic—May’s Newsletter

Aug. 18—September newsletter articles due

Bird ID Classes

Audubon Rockies and the Murie Audubon Society Chapter will once again team up to offer birding classes this spring with Thursday evening classes held at the Audubon Center using a power point format. All except the first one are followed by a Saturday field trip to various birding places in the area.

THURSDAY, APRIL 18 – 6:30 start time – Birds  and Binoculars This first one is a very basic introduction to birding, with identification tips, and using field guides and binoculars effectively. We start earlier than the other classes so we have time to go out on the trail at the Center, and practice our binocular and identification skills!

The rest of the classes focuses on specific groups of birds:

¨ Thursday, April 25—7:00p.m. Waterfowl.  Field trip on Saturday, April 27.

¨ Thursday, May 9—7:00p.m. Birds of Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park .   Field trip on Saturday, May 11.

¨ Thursday, May 30—7:00p.m. Raptors    Field trip on Saturday, June  1.

¨ Thursday, June 6—7:00p.m. Birds of Casper Mtn. and Rotary Park.  Field trip Saturday, June 8.


Bird ID Classes offered jointly by Murie and Audubon Wyoming will be starting in April and going through June.

  1. Thursday, April 19, 6:30PMgeneral bird ID, binocular and field guide use.
  2. Thursday, April 26, 6:30PMWaterfowl, Saturday
  3. Saturday, April 28Field trip.
  4. Thursday, May 10, 6:30PMEKW State Park Birds
  5. Saturday, May 12Field trip to EKWSP.
  6. Thursday, June 7, 6:30 PMCasper Mountain Birds,
  7. Saturday, June 9Field trip to Casper Mtn.
  8. JuneRaptor Classdate to be announced.

Field trips start times will be determined when classes meet.

Check the Casper Star Tribune and Casper Journal and for more details as they become available, as well as checking back here.  Questions – call ACGC – 307-473-1987.