Murie Audubon General Meeting & Program, 9 November, 2023

Murie Audubon Presents – What’s up at the Tate?

Our November program will be all about the Tate Geological Museum at Casper College. J. P. Cavigelli, Collections Manager / Field Operations & Prep Lab Manager at the Tate will be our guest speaker. JP will talk about the exciting projects that the Tate Museum has been working on since Covid, more or less. While Dee the Mammoth and Lee Rex are the Tate’s superstars, there are so many other character actors and extras involved in the show. Dinosaurs and, oh, so much more from Wyoming’s varied geological past. Ichthyosaurs, crocodiles, mammals, and maybe even a bird or two. JP has talked to us on several previous occasions, and for those who don’t know him, he came to Casper in 2004 Before coming to the Tate, he worked on and off in paleontology for 14 years, doing ?eld work as well as a two year post as the collections manager for the University of Wyoming Department of Geology and Geophysics. He has had the good fortune of having been invited to join international paleontological expeditions to Mongolia, Niger (twice), Tanzania (twice), northern Alaska, and North Dakota. The public and Audubon members are invited to come to the Murie Audubon free talk on November 9, 2023 at 7 p.m., at the Izaak Walton Clubhouse, at 4205 Fort Caspar Road.

J. P Cavigelli and Bruce Walgren