Field Trip – Owling at Dirty Shirt Woods

Photo by Zach Hutchinson

I will be leading a field trip to listen for Flammulated Owls on Saturday June 13. I think this will be easy to do in a socially distancing mode since we don’t have to be next to each other to hear an owl. We will meet at 8:30 PM at my place, 10750 Bessemer Bend Rd. We will then drive to the Dirty Shirt Woods. When we leave Coal Mountain Rd, I can take people without 4-wheel drive in the back of my pickup for the last bit. This will be a strenuous hike in rattle snake country, and standing around on a hillside after sundown might get cool so dress appropriately. I have no idea how late we will be or what our chances of hearing the owls because I have not scouted for the owls.

People who are interested ought to call me at 307-262-0055 since there is a chance of thunderstorms in June. If the weather is bad we will postpone the trip.