Birdathon – May 9 – 22

Dear Friend of Audubon!

At Audubon Rockies, we are celebrating spring with a statewide Birdathon! This spring will represent the FIRST annual Birdathon held by the Casper Community Naturalist, Zach Hutchinson. This will incorporate the Birdathon previously held by Audubon Rockies Board Member, Bart Rea. We hope to count on your support for our Community Naturalist Program this year.

We will count birds to support our programmatic efforts – bringing STEM education, teacher trainings, citizen science projects, and MAPS Bird Banding to people of all ages across Wyoming. By providing opportunities for students, teachers, and families to get outdoors and experience our local landscapes, we are helping them develop a deeper understanding of our natural world and empowering them to make a positive difference in their communities.

With the help of people like you – our Birdathon sponsors – our Big Day will allow us to expand and improve our education efforts.

Here’s how it works: between May 9th & May 22nd, Zach’s volunteer team will race against the clock to tally as many bird species as possible in one 24-hour day. Zach’s count will run from the Wind River Range to the Thunder Basin. When Zach is finished, he will calculate his Total Species Count. That is where you come in! Just fill out and return the form below to pledge a certain amount per bird species seen (the gambler’s option) or to contribute a fixed amount of your choice. Once the Birdathon is complete, Zach will send you a report of all the birds observed.

We are very grateful for whatever you can pledge, whether it’s 50 cents, $2 or even $10 per species. The more you give, the more resources we have to continue our award-winning education programs. It will also ensure we can continue to protect birds, other wildlife, and their habitats across the Rocky Mountain Region!

Thanks for being a friend of Audubon Rockies. We hope we can count on your support!


I pledge $____________ Per Species for the Name Total Species Count.

Please bill me for my donation. _____

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