FEB 18 FIELD TRIP – Jackson Canyon Eagle Roost

Murie Audubon will have a field trip to the Jackson Canyon Eagle Roost on Saturday, Feb 18.  We will meet at 3:00 PM at the Goose Egg Inn parking lot.  That is about 200 yards south of Wyoming 220 on Goose Egg Rd.  I even think that the Highway Department has a sign that says Goose Egg Rd.  The Highway Department has its own name for roads around  here, and only about half the time does the Highway sign list the same name as that assigned by the County.
My ranch hand took some friends up to the roost last night, and he said the biggest problem  is slipping in the mud.  He only saw 6 eagles, but he was back before dark.  He also said there were lots of robins and some Clark’s Nutcrackers.  This hike is energetic, climbing about 700  feet in a mile and a half on mud and rocks.  Bring a flashlight because we will come down in the dark.  Also, even if it is warm and calm in Casper, it will be cold and windy on the edge of Jackson Canyon.  Call Stacey Scott at 262-0055 before 8:00 PM for more details.