Lewis Hein will be the guest speaker to kick off the new year.
Lewis spent 10 weeks from mid June to mid August in a tiny town exactly in the middle of Panama, studying the effects of sleep on learning in bats and paper wasps. At least, that was what he was supposed to be doing. In reality his group could do almost nothing for seven of these ten weeks while they waited for a building. Meanwhile, he set about doing and learning as many interesting things as possible: exploring Pipeline Road, a

world renowned birding location, mist netting for bats, and other rain foresty activities.  Along the way, he accumulated many sights and adventures, including a ride to the treetops in a Smithsonian operated canopy crane, trips on one of the most interesting bus systems in Central America, and a run in with the Panamanian police.
Murie Audubon’s programs are free and open to the public. The program will be on
Friday, January 13, 2017, at 7 PM at the Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Building at 2211 King Blv