Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Had two Rose-breasted Grosbeaks take a pit-stop to our feeders for some bird chow. Got close enough to watch the beaks work over some sunflower seeds. Amazing to see the beaks and tongue in action. A first of year for our feeders. -Harry Clark’s Corner/Bates Creek.  Casper, WY    


There will be a field trip to Rawhide WHMA and Table Mountain WHMA on May 21st. We will leave from the Mernard’s parking lot at 5 AM. This will be an all-day field trip. You will need to pack a lunch and a water bottle. There are about 3 spots left in the van for […]

General Meeting May 2016

Kent and Meg Sundell return on May 13 to share part of their July 2015 trip to Africa; this program will concentrate on their time in Namibia. They travelled with a small diverse group of mostly repeat travelers. This trip was billed as more of a cultural trip compared to the specifically wildlife trip in […]