May General Meeting – 2014

The Decline and Increases of Bird Species

Studies of bird numbers are used in various ways to help us understand changes in habitats, etc.    For example, the Eurasian Collared-Dove was first counted on the Casper Christmas Bird Count in 2003.  In 10 years this species has gone from a novelty to a very common year-round species.  The Canada Goose, as well as other waterfowl species, are now a year-round species.  American Robins are more plentiful.  Meanwhile, Horned Larks and finch species seem to be on the decline.  While these statements are general and based upon data from Casper Christmas Bird Counts since 1949, they do indicate trends that are worth discussing.

Ted Floyd, Editor of Birding magazine, will be our guest speaker for our May 9 program.  Ted will talk about both declines and increases of bird species, with a focus on Colorado.   Most of the “trend” stories (collared-doves, beetle kill, shrinking glaciers, more Lesser Black-backed Gulls, etc.) noted in Colorado, are also basically true for Wyoming.

Please join us on Friday, May 9 at 7 PM at the Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Building at 2211 King Blvd. for this program.   WE HAVE BEEN ASKED AGAIN TO PLEASE USE THE EAST DOOR – I APOLOGIZE FOR THE CONFUSION.   As always, the program is free and open to the public!