May General Meeting – 2014

The Decline and Increases of Bird Species Studies of bird numbers are used in various ways to help us understand changes in habitats, etc.    For example, the Eurasian Collared-Dove was first counted on the Casper Christmas Bird Count in 2003.  In 10 years this species has gone from a novelty to a very common year-round […]

May, June and August Calendar

May 3—Piggery cleanup—9AM—contact Bruce Walgren – (234-7455, May 8—Bird ID Class—pg. 2 – May’s Newsletter May 9—eBird Workshop—pg. 2 – May’s Newsletter May 9—General Mtg. & Election of Officers – May’s Newsletter May 10—Field Trip—May’s Newsletter May 14-18—Birding Festival—May’s Newsletter May 18—MAS Big Day—5:00AM—meet at  Dori Lou’s Place Restaurant—contact Bart Rea or Andrea Trembath—May’s Newsletter May 26—Field […]