October General Meeting

Tracking the Brothers Murie: On the Trail of Olaus and Adolph Olaus J. Murie (1889-1963) spent 26 years with the US Biological Survey and its successor, the Fish and Wildlife Service; his brother Adolph Murie (1899-1974) spent three decades with the National Park Service. Their seminal studies of elk, coyotes, wolves, grizzly bears, and other […]

October Field Trip

The October field trip to the Buffalo and Lake DeSmet area will be Oct. 26.  Meet at the east side Safeway parking lot and plan to leave at 7:00AM sharp in Casper, WY!  Bring a lunch and dress for whatever weather is in the forecast.  Trip will be canceled if the weather is bad. Questions […]

September 2013 General Meeting

A Murder of Crows Our first program of the year will feature a film originally shown on the PBS show Nature in 2010.  A Murder of Crows covers some of the most recent studies of Crows that reveals their intelligence. Crows, as well as other corvids or jays, do not have the best of reputations.  […]