Wyoming Christmas Bird Counts – 2011-12

  1. Dec. 17 – Murie Audubon Society – meet at the Audubon Center at Garden Creek, 101 Garden Creek Rd. at 7:30 am – contact Stacey Scott – hustace@gmail.com
  2. Dec. 17 – The Evanston WY/UT CBC – those interested should meet 7:00 am at the Hornet’s Nest Gas Station, 8 miles north of Evanston on Rt 89.  The Evanston circle holds the all-time record count for Greater Sage-Grouse, 698 in 1986.  Contact – Tim Gorman – wyogoob@ALLWEST.NET
  3. Dec. 17 – Green River CBC – meet at McDonald’s on Uinta Drive at  7am – Contact Fred & Fern Linton flinton@wyoming.com
  4. Dec. 17 – Kane CBC – Meet at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area’s Visitor Center in Lovell at 6:30. Reconvene at 4:30 pm for potluck chili dinner and tally results. For more information, please contact Neil or Jennifer Miller, 307-568-9346.
  5. Dec. 17 – Laramie CBC – Meet at Coal Creek Coffee at 7:30 am to pick up data sheets. You must get your assigned route from Deb Paulsen either before or at Coal Creek on Dec. 17th.  Feeder watchers also needed.  Re-convene at 12 noon at The Grounds on 3rd St. at Fremont to pick up more routes, or turn in data sheets, and talk about what was spotted.  Chili supper at 4pm to turn in your final data sheets.  Call Deb Paulsen (742-5623, debp@uwyo.edu) for more information or to pick your routes early.
  6. Dec. 17 – Kane CBC  – Contact Suzanne Morstad – 307-568-2128 – smorstad@tctwest.net or Jennifer Miller- 307-568-9346 – njmiller@tctwest.net
  7. Dec. 17 – Sheridan CBC – Contact Helen Moriarity – 307-750-2225 – hiedi@vcn.com
  8. Dec. 18 – Guernsey – Ft. Laramie CBC. The compiler/coordinator is Jane Dorn, 307-640-4002, from Lingle. Meet at 8 a.m. at Ft. Laramie (the town, not the historic fort) Post Office or at 9:30 a.m. at the main entrance to Guernsey State Park. Pack your lunch and plan to spend all day if you can. There will be an opportunity to do some hiking in the park.  There will be a few of us coming up (or down in elevation!) from Cheyenne.  Anyone interested in carpooling, please call Barb Gorges, 634-0463 (287-4952 cell).
  9. Dec. 18 – Sundance CBC – we meet at the east side Conoco at 7:30 for route assignments.   A chili dinner will be offered at the end of the day.  Contact information:  Jen or Jean at 307-283-2467, or jgwindsong@rangeweb.netravenssong@rangeweb.net
  10. Dec. 18 – Riverton CBC.  Meet at McDonalds on West Main at 7:30 a.m.  We’ll canvas Riverton in the morning with four teams, meet again at McDonald’s at 11:30 and head out to do the rural areas.  Everyone welcome.  Counters needed.  Call Bob at 307-851-0662 or Wanda at 307-856-6690.
  11. Dec. 18 – Jackson WY CBC.  Susan Marsh is the compiler.  Contact for more info – Susan Patla – susan_patla@HOTMAIL.COM  
  12. Dec. 18 – Buffalo CBC – Contact Deane Bjerke – 307-684-2798 – dbjerke@bresnan.net
  13. Dec. 24 – Cody CBC – Route maps and directions will be distributed ahead of time. To participate, please contact Susan Ahalt (307-527-7027) or Joyce Cicco (307-527-5030). Potluck dinner and tally results begin at 6 pm in the basement community meeting room of Big Horn Federal Savings & Loan, 1701 Stampede Avenue, Cody. In case of bad weather, the count will take place on December 31.
  14. Dec. 28 – Clark CBC – Meet at Edelweiss Inn at 7:30 am for route maps, instructions and coffee. Participants will bird the west side of the count circle in the morning, reassemble at Edelweiss at noon for lunch and a river walk, bird the east side of the count circle, and reconvene at Edelweiss at 4:30 for a potluck dinner and tally. For more information, please contact Mary “Lefty” Klein, 307-645-3223.
  15. Dec. 28 – Gillette CBC – Contact Dustin Downey – ddowney@audubon.org – 307-756-3941, cell – 504-453-4124
  16. Dec. 31 – Cheyenne CBC – meet at the downtown post office at 7:30 a.m.  Contact Greg Johnson gjohnson@west-inc.com
  17. Dec. 31 – Story/Bighorn CBC– Contact Jean Daly – 307-674-9728


  1. Jan. 1 – Bates Hole – contact Charles Scott – charlesscott@wyoming.com
  2. Jan. 1 – The Alta WY/Driggs ID CBC.  Contact me if you would like more info – susan_patla@HOTMAIL.COM.  We do a potluck at 5:30 pm at the Teton Regional Land Trust Office.  Susan Patla  307 413-1222