Casper Mountain Science School Open House

                        September 15, 2011  –  5 – 7 p.m.
               Join us at Camp Sacajawea, 2945 Micro Road for dinner
          and to become more familiar with Casper Mountain Science School.
                       Please RSVP by September 12, 2011
                     Call Jeana Lam-Pickett at 307-268-3113
For those of you not familiar with Casper Mountain Science School – CMSS is administered by Casper College in partnership with Natrona Couny School District #1 (NCSD) and the University of Wyoming Casper College Center (UW / CC Center).  The program provides enrichment to upper elementary and junior high students and Casper College and UW / CC students.  During the school year, approximately 30 NCSD students weekly will spend 4 days on Casper Mountain at Camp Sacajawea.  They will be taught the ecology of central Wyoming through a mixture of hands-on activities, explorations, and service learning projects.  College students will serve as assistant field instructors, learning how to teach science outdoors.  Evert Brown of Casper College is the director of the program; Carolyn Jacobs is the NCSD contact. 
CMSS Mission Statement:
To provide students the opportunity to learn outdoors, to increase their knowledge of science, to find delight in nature, and to reflect on their place in the world.