FeaturedMurie Summer Picnic August 10, 2023

Murie will host our Annual Summer Picnic on August 10th at 5:30 pm located at the Centennial Shelter picnic area of Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park.  Fried Chicken will be provided, but bring a side dish, salad, or dessert to share!  Also, please plan on providing your own plate ware and drinks.  See you there! If you are visiting from out of town, please call for additional information.

Please RSVP by calling Stacey Scott at 307-262-0055 or Jenny Edwards at 307-259-9956 to say you are coming so we have an idea as to how much chicken to buy.

Gray Reef and Alcova Dam

We will meet at 9:00 AM at the Game and Fish Parking lot for a trip to Gray Reef and Alcova Dam.  Gray Reef usually has some open water, which attracts over wintering waterfowl.  This is a great way to add to your year’s list that you started on the Bates Hole Count.  Call Stacey Scott at 307-262-0055 for more information.

Bates Hole Christmas Bird Count

Start the New Year off right by joining us for the Bates Hole Christmas Bird Count.  This is one of the few truly rural Christmas Counts in the country, and a really great way to start the New Year.  While it can be cold, it is usually clear and calm in Bates Hole which is a real contrast with the windy and cold that is normal in Casper on January 1.  With little to no wind, the snow just sitting on top of the sagebrush is really beautiful.  So join us for a fun day, or half a day it that is all the time you have.  Call Stacey Scott at 307-262-0055 or Charlie Scott at 307-473-2512 for more information.

Casper Christmas Bird Count

The 76th Casper Christmas Bird Count will be a fun time for all.  We have all sorts of parties from driving around Casper to a very energetic group looking for grouse on Casper Mountain to those counting their own feeders.  We need everyone.  Counting all the birds in our 15 mile diameter circle requires as many people as we can get to join us.  We will have more details in the future.

Casper Mountain

We will meet at 8:00 AM at the Game and Fish Parking lot for a trip to Casper Mountain.  The weather will dictate where we actually go.  This is a nice time for a walk in the woods, and even if it snows it is really nice.  This will probably be a very energetic hike that should end about noon.  Call Stacey Scott at 307-262-0055 for more information.

Migrating Sparrows

We will meet at 9:00 AM at the west end of Reshaw Park to look for migrating sparrows.  Last year we had White-crowned, White-throated, Harris’, and Song Sparrows in the middle of October.  If people are interested, we will go to EKW afterwards.  Call Stacey Scott at 307-262-0055 for more information

Ormsby Road

Ormsby Road is a great road for seeing Short-eared and Burrowing Owls.  If anyone is interested in going out there to see what is there, give Stacey Scott a call at 307-262-0055 and we will find a time that works.

Hawk Watching

Eagle Ridge (the geologists call it Emigrant Gap Anticline) is a good raptor flyway, but the hawks don’t fly down it all the time.  Last year I had 8 raptor species on September 22, but only 2 on the following Saturday and none a few days after that.  I suspect that the weather, primarily the strength of the southwest wind, has a huge effect on the number of hawks using the flyway, but I haven’t been out there enough to know how, or if, you can predict whether it is good hawk flying weather.  I am going to try to spend more days on the ridge this September, and anyone is welcome to join me.  Give me, Stacey Scott, a call at 307-262-0055 if you are interested.

Goldeneye Field Trip

We will meet at 9:00 AM at the Game and Fish Parking lot for a trip to Goldeneye.  This is a good time for interesting migrating birds.  In the past we have found Sabine’s Gull and Jaegers.  Call Stacey Scott at 307-262-0055 for more information.

EKW Field Trip

We will meet at 8:00 AM near the Platte River Shelter (the one closest to the River) for a walk around EKW to look for migrating warblers.  You never know what will show up, but we ought to have lots of Wilson’s Warblers and hopefully some other interesting birds.  We should be done well before the Labor Day crowd shows up. Call Stacey Scott at 307-262-0055 for more information.